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Provide visual engagement at every-customer touchpoint.

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Get as Close to Your Customers as a Video Call

With Assistbox’s innovative video call solutions, financial institutions can provide instant and personalized service to their customers regardless of location. By utilizing end of the call surveys, institiutions can receive valuable feedback and continiously improve their customer service. With assitbox, institiutions can enhance their brand trust and loyalty while reducing operational costs.

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Differentiate from competitors with Assistbox, which offers more than just video calls.

What Makes Assistbox Different from other video calling platforms?

Instant Use Opportunity

You can start using Assistbox right away without the need for any integration and enjoy the video service experience today.

GDPR Compliance

Assistbox infrastructure is fully compliant with GDPR legislation.

Mobile Device Control

Make the process easier for the participants by remotely controlling the functions of their mobile devices (taking location, taking photos, turning on the flash, etc.).

Compatibility with All Devices and Browsers

No matter what device and WebRTC compatible browser your customers use, they can receive service from you.


In case of any problem on the participants side, you can take over their screens and intervene quickly and easily by managing their devices.

Advanced Integration Options

You can easily integrate Assistbox with all applications such as call center, demand management and CRM used by your company. So, you can design continuous, end-to-end processes.

White Label Usage

You can edit the Assistbox platform in accordance with your brand identity (logo, color, etc.) with the possibility of using white label. Thus, your customers only interact with your brand throughout the entire process.

Component Based Usage

Assistbox offers all its competencies as a component. With this approach, you can organize your processes however you want, just like a Lego set.

Infrastructure Quality

You can provide continuous and trouble-free service with superior and scalable infrastructure quality in video calls.

Continuous Recording

Even if the electricity or internet connection is cut off, the session you made up to that point will be recorded.

Admin Panel

You can manage your operations in a healthy way with comprehensive tracking, definition, and reporting tools.

Calls on Browser

Your customers do not need to download an app to contact you. They connect instantly via browser.

Our Business Partners

Assistbox empowers its business partners with the solutions it offers. With this opportunity, business partners offer high value-added solutions to their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Safe with us

We pride ourselves on our commitment to your security.

That’s why we’re ISO 27001 certified. Our architecture is enterprise-grade scalable and we ensure strong adherence to all key DPA and GDPR requirements.