About Assistbox

Assistbox is a technology company that produces video-based solutions that will accelerate the strategies of corporations to provide their customers with an omnichannel experience. Our main focus is to provide quick solutions to all the needs of corporations as a solution partner with our expert team and strong infrastructure in video calling.

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Story of Assistbox

We recognized the crucial need for a project specializing in remote claim adjustment within the insurance sector. As two accomplished software developers and friends who had long contemplated collaborating on a business venture, we established the foundation for this project. Our decade-long experience in software development proved invaluable in the establishment of our company in 2018. This undertaking served as the cornerstone for Assistbox, strengthening our capabilities and solidifying our position in the industry.

Our Vision and Mission

We adopt the vision of being the world's leading video call infrastructure provider. We make it our mission to be a technology company that enables people to access the service anywhere. We draw our strength from the Assistbox culture on this path we have started. We take firm steps towards our goals with our customer- and quality-oriented culture that is based on transparency, business ethics, creativity, continuous learning, dynamism, and equality.

Our Business Partners

Assistbox provides its business partners with the opportunity to offer high value-added solutions to their customers.


Our Priorities and Values

We are a customer and quality-oriented team that attaches importance to transparency, teamwork, business ethics, creativity, continuous learning, dynamism, and equality.

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Customer and Quality-Oriented

Keeping the service and product quality at the highest level is our strongest value that ensures the continuity of Assistbox. We attach great importance to quality at every point, from the code we write to the content of the message we send to the customer.


All developments and future plans are regularly shared with the entire team transparently. The opinions of the team members on each decision are seen and the reasons for all decisions are shared.


We believe great and sustained success can only be achieved through teamwork. We believe that we cannot achieve any success with the work of one or a few people.

Business Ethics

We adopt a working style based on trust, rather than reporting mechanisms or follow-up. In order to ensure the continuity of this approach, we all work with the awareness of our responsibility, without compromising ethical values.


We believe that products with high added value that make a difference will emerge by blending intelligence with knowledge and experience. We do not proceed only with acquired knowledge and/or memorization.

Continuous Learning

No matter how much knowledge and experience we have, it is essential for us to constantly learn with our focus on making a difference compared to our competitors and producing the best solutions.


We adopt an agile working principle. We follow the needs of customers and sectoral potentials and react quickly to them.


In our company, it is essential to act fairly and honestly without discrimination or prejudice due to religion, language, race, ethnic origin, opinion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical disability, and similar characteristics.



Ras Bufontas Free Zone Business & Innovation Park, PO Box: 14832 Doha, Qatar

+974 3058 6332


Nur Street, Business Istanbul A Block, Floor 12, Apartment 115, Merdivenkoy Neighborhood, Kadıköy, Istanbul


+90 216 706 26 86

Safe with us

We pride ourselves on our commitment to your security.

That’s why we’re ISO 27001 certified. Our architecture is enterprise-grade scalable and we ensure strong adherence to all key DPA and GDPR requirements.