Assistbox – Google Analytics Integration



Assistbox – Google Analytics Integration

With the Assistbox application, retail companies can give their customers first-class, personalized service. They add a button to their website to connect customers to the customer representatives, or to the style advisors, etc. Thus, customers can see the product live and get any information they need.

Before the Integration

Assistbox is used by leaders in the retail industry. Customers are very satisfied with the service. The use of Assistbox did not only increase customer satisfaction but also increased online sales. But the problem was that the sales made on Assistbox could not be tracked. Companies could not follow if the customer had used video chat before buying a product. This was causing a problem because companies did not know if the video chat application was doing the job.

Assistbox had a request from one of its customers for Google Analytics integration. Since Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. The required integration was made quickly to help the process.

After the Integration

With the integration, events such as call started, the call ended, and messages sent on chat can now be tracked on Google Analytics. Companies can now see if the customer who used the video chat application has bought any product. They can also see if the customer who purchased a product had a video call with any of their representatives and they use this information to give bonuses to their employees.

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