In the face of the devastating earthquake disaster that has hit Turkey, as Assistbox, we have taken the responsibility to provide the necessary support from the very first day. Therefore, we have decided to offer our cloud video call infrastructure for free to all volunteer projects aimed at helping the earthquake victims.

The earthquake has caused a significant loss of homes and material possessions, as well as emotional and spiritual distress to many people in the affected region. As the initial impact subsided, the various needs of the earthquake victims and the teams working in those areas emerged. We also wanted to contribute to meeting these needs in the most effective way possible.

For this purpose;

Until the wounds of the earthquake are fully healed, we aim to continue to providing our video call infrastructure for free to all volunteer projects supporting earthquake victims. We also believe it is essential to be more prepared for future disasters, and therefore, such solutions should be available for use at all the times.

We are committed to doing everything possible to help everyone that affected by the earthquake disaster. If you require our infrastructure in this process, please contact us at We express our gratitude to everyone supporting the earthquake victims, and we will continue to do our part in this process.

With the rapid development of technology, our shopping experience is ever-changing. Therefore, 1:1 Live Video Shopping offers an interactive and real-time shopping experience where customers have access to everything they need without leaving the comfort of their homes. Customers prefer to make a live video call with an expert to learn more about products, see products live, and feel more confident with their purchases. As a result, this practice becomes a great way to highly personalize the shopping experience and ensure that customers are supported every step of their journey.

1:1 Live Video Shopping has become a powerful tool in the retail industry, allowing businesses and individuals to connect with their customers in a more personal and engaging way. During the live session, a personal shopping assistant can showcase products and answer customer questions in real-time. This dynamic and interactive experience helps to build trust and relationships with customers and can lead to increased engagement and loyalty.

Statistics show that a 1:1 Live Video Shopping service is an effective way to drive sales along improve customer satisfaction. By showcasing products in a live video call, businesses create a sense of action and excitement that encourage customers to make a purchase. Furthermore, platforms, that offer this service in a way that meets the needs of corporate companies, often provide businesses with valuable data and analytics, including information about how long customers stay on the call, which products are most popular, and where customers are located. This data helps businesses refine their marketing strategies, improve their overall performance, and make spot-on decisions about inventory and product offerings.

1:1 Live Video Shopping is a powerful tool for businesses who are seeking to connect with customers, drive sales, and differentiate themselves from the competition in the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce.

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Remote support is the integration of video call technologies into support processes. Leading companies are now offering remote support to provide fast, effortless, and continuous support to their customers and employees. Remote support not only ensures continuous and optimized support but also reduces the need to travel and costs.

The biggest question companies face after deciding to give remote support is how to decide on a provider. There are lots of different options out there for video calling infrastructure. This makes companies think that any video-calling API is enough to give remote support. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Video calling APIs are developed for interpersonal communication. These applications do not have the competencies for remote support.

What makes Assistbox different than video call APIs?

Many video call APIs have features such as voice calls, video calls, and video conferencing; they also offer chat and file/photo sharing possibilities. You can use video calling APIs for screen sharing or recording your call. They even have the white label option. But these features are not enough to use them as a remote customer service application.

Assistbox is an online communication and support platform developed for institutions to provide visual support to their customers and employees. Our mission is to be the video call solution partner of corporate companies. We know their needs, and their ways of operating and we work accordingly.

Assistbox has all the features a video call API offers, but it also has other features created specifically for remote support needs.

These are several features of Assistbox, but it has much more to offer. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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Co-browsing is short for collaborative browsing. It means agents and customers to browse and control the same page or app live. Co-browsing is used to give customers more personalized support and guidance.

Co-browsing is an essential part of remote support if you are dealing with mobile or desktop devices. Giving remote support provides your customers with an easier solution process. You might have a tool that your retailers use. They might have some problems with the tool from time to time. Using co-browsing, you can easily help them. Or your customers might have a problem with the usage of your mobile application. In this case, the addition of co-browsing enhances the customer experience.

Most remote support applications have screen-sharing features. Sharing screen is a great opportunity to help understand the problem. But, via sharing screen, your employees can only direct customers to help them solve the problem. It is known that not every customer has the same technological capacity. Using co-browsing, you can not only direct them but also control their device.

You may wonder if it will help your team solve issues quickly and effectively. The answer is, yes, it will. Since it gives your employees the opportunity to provide live and personalized guidance, the work will be more effective. They will also have a better understanding of the digital journey of their customers.

Another question companies have is if co-browsing is safe since your employees may see personal details about customers. If necessary, you can hide any detail, text, or image from your customer representatives and give your customers a safer experience.

Co-browsing is only one of the features Assistbox has to give you and your customers a better remote support experience. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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Finance companies started to use video calling technologies for their processes recently. The most popular use cases in the finance industry are video consultation and customer onboarding.

Customer behaviors have changed. Especially the pandemic forced everyone all around the world to be more online. Customers are used to new ways of getting service. They want everything to be available online. They shop online, work online, and receive health services online. Why shouldn’t they get financial services online?

It is no secret that people prefer online banking opportunities instead of bank branches. But personal contact is still an essential part of financial services. Therefore, Assistbox offers its video call infrastructure for the finance industry.

For the video consultation process, customers schedule an appointment with the advisors, or they can click on a button on the website for instant connection. Thus, customers have a personalized session with a financial advisor without needing to leave their homes.

For the customer onboarding process, after completing the biometric verification part, customers are connected to customer representatives to open their accounts quickly without the need to go to the bank branch.

Here are some benefits of implementing video calls into your processes for the finance industry:

Assistbox is used by leading finance companies for video call services. Contact us now to see how we can help you build your own process.

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We all want to reach information quickly nowadays. Our habits have changed especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies, trying to keep up with the trends, use technology to create customer-friendly processes. Chatbots are seen as one of the most efficient tools to support customers as quickly as possible. Most companies implement chatbots on their websites thinking that they will provide a great service and increase customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, chatbots cannot fully replace human contact.

According to a survey conducted by Verint, customers see their relationship with chatbots as “complicated”. 32% of customers say the chatbots rarely or never understand them. 30% of customers say chatbots rarely or never fully answer their questions. Since they are not able to resolve their problems via chatbots, 55% tend to speak to a human after contacting a chatbot.

Customers, who feel like chatbots don’t get all the information they need, decide to contact a human. This process is not only time-consuming but also decreases customer satisfaction. Don’t worry, Assistbox is here to help.

Assistbox is focused on such issues and helps you support your customers’ needs instantly, via video call. Using this infrastructure, companies provide visual engagement at every customer touchpoint.

How can Assistbox help you?

It is possible to integrate Assistbox into your existing chatbot. After understanding what your customer needs via chatbot, let your customers have a quick video call with the relevant representatives. Using this infrastructure, in addition to removing the above-mentioned issues, you will also provide a trendy service to your customers.

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With the Assistbox application, retail companies can give their customers first-class, personalized service. They add a button to their website to connect customers to the customer representatives, or to the style advisors, etc. Thus, customers can see the product live and get any information they need.

Before the Integration

Assistbox is used by leaders in the retail industry. Customers are very satisfied with the service. The use of Assistbox did not only increase customer satisfaction but also increased online sales. But the problem was that the sales made on Assistbox could not be tracked. Companies could not follow if the customer had used video chat before buying a product. This was causing a problem because companies did not know if the video chat application was doing the job.

Assistbox had a request from one of its customers for Google Analytics integration. Since Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. The required integration was made quickly to help the process.

After the Integration

With the integration, events such as call started, the call ended, and messages sent on chat can now be tracked on Google Analytics. Companies can now see if the customer who used the video chat application has bought any product. They can also see if the customer who purchased a product had a video call with any of their representatives and they use this information to give bonuses to their employees.

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The SAP integration of Assistbox resulted from a necessity of one of its customers, Boyser.

The collaboration of Assistbox and Boyser started in 2021. Boyser is an after-sales service company for products sold by Erciyes Anadolu Holding group companies, such as İstikbal, Bellona, and Mondi Home. It is using Assistbox for its customer visit processes. Here you can read the success story of Boyser.

Before Integration

When Boyser started using Assistbox, Assistbox did not have SAP integration, because none of its users needed that before. But Boyser is using SAP for ticket management. Because Assistbox did not have SAP integration, Boyser had to run their ticket management manually on SAP. This process was causing loss of data and incorrect data entry in some cases. In addition, it was a waste of time on the Boyser after-sales experts’ end.

Considering the difficulties they are having, Boyser decided to contact Assistbox to see if the SAP integration was possible. Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure. Thus, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. This integration was made quickly to help with the issues.

After Integration

With the integration, an end-to-end process was created and the problems Boyser was having ended. Now, Boyser after-sales experts do not need to manually create records on Assistbox. They transfer all the necessary customer data from their internal systems and the record is created automatically. Also, an SMS containing the call link is now sent to the customer automatically. In addition, at the end of the call, all the data on Assistbox about the customer and the problem they have is automatically transferred to Boyser’s systems. With the new process, the data loss and incorrect data entry were prevented and the time the experts spend to transfer the data was avoided.

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Although communicating online seems like everybody’s favorite way to reach out nowadays, no written communication method can replace face-to-face communication. Researches show that for most people, chatbots are not the best way to solve their problems. Moreover, written communication with human customer representatives is not always enough. But face-to-face communication can be achieved online.

Why Face-to-Face Communication?

Before Integration

One of our customers already giving chat support to their customers decided to give them a quicker and easier way of asking questions and getting help. So they decided to give video support possibility. They were already using Zendesk for written support and they asked if Assistbox could be integrated to Zendesk.

Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure. Thus, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. This integration was made quickly.

After Integration

With the integration, an end-to-end process is created for the customer visiting the website. When the customer needs help, they click on the support button. They can either get support on chat or ask for video support. When the customer wants video support, a video call starts between the customer and the representative. With the new process, misunderstandings are eliminated, more effective support is provided, and customer trust and customer satisfaction are increased.

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Video calling services have shown success for customer support processes in different industries, such as insurance, finance, healthcare, retail, etc. Starting to use this new service, companies face a new problem: how to make their team excited about adopting this new process. Here is our 3-step solution to do so:

  1. Explain the benefits: You decided to give video support because you understand that it is the new trend, and your customers are expecting such a service. Unfortunately, your team might not be aware of this situation. Have a meeting with them to explain the benefits of video calling services. Let them know that it is easier for them to give video support instead of voice support since in many cases it is quicker to just show the solution than try to explain it. It is also much more reliable for the customer. Giving this service, they will have the opportunity to help more customers, since the solution times will shorten, and first-time resolution rates will increase. Also, there will be a rise in sales with the up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.
  2. Create goals and KPIs: Now your team knows about the value of video calling for your organization, it is time to set clear goals and KPIs. You can have goals about the time that will be saved, sales conversion rates, or customer satisfaction. It is important to communicate these goals clearly with your team.
  3. Share success stories with the whole team: Some team members may understand the benefits and the value of video calling services better than others. These members will be getting better outcomes. To set an example for all your employees, create time to hear from those successful employees. Let them share their experience. This will motivate the other members of your team. In addition to employee stories, it is also crucial for your team to hear from your customers. Share positive customer reviews with your team regularly. Also, talk about how you can improve the customer experience together.

If you haven’t started providing video call service yet, contact us to see how Assistbox can help.

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