In the face of the devastating earthquake disaster that has hit Turkey, as Assistbox, we have taken the responsibility to provide the necessary support from the very first day. Therefore, we have decided to offer our cloud video call infrastructure for free to all volunteer projects aimed at helping the earthquake victims.

The earthquake has caused a significant loss of homes and material possessions, as well as emotional and spiritual distress to many people in the affected region. As the initial impact subsided, the various needs of the earthquake victims and the teams working in those areas emerged. We also wanted to contribute to meeting these needs in the most effective way possible.

For this purpose;

Until the wounds of the earthquake are fully healed, we aim to continue to providing our video call infrastructure for free to all volunteer projects supporting earthquake victims. We also believe it is essential to be more prepared for future disasters, and therefore, such solutions should be available for use at all the times.

We are committed to doing everything possible to help everyone that affected by the earthquake disaster. If you require our infrastructure in this process, please contact us at info@assistbox.io. We express our gratitude to everyone supporting the earthquake victims, and we will continue to do our part in this process.