Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Assistbox? Check out our FAQs first. If you cannot find an answer you can contact us here.

Which data is stored by Assistbox? Where is the data stored?

If Assistbox is used as a cloud service, all data such as photos, videos, etc. that are created during the call are transferred to the cloud. If the call is not made anonymously, the name, surname and, if available, phone and e-mail address of the customer are stored in the cloud. Assistbox servers are located in Turkcell Gebze Datacenter in Turkey.

Can we install Assistbox on our own servers?

Yes. Assistbox offers on-premise usage option as well as cloud service. If you need, you can install Assistbox on your own servers.

On which devices can I use Assistbox?

You can use Assistbox on a computer, tablet or mobile device with a browser. Assistbox works flawlessly in all browsers. However, we recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best experience.

Is there an Assistbox mobile app?

Yes. Assistbox has a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. However, customers are not obligated to download applications. Calls can be made with Assistbox on all browsers that support WebRTC.

Can we embed the Assistbox mobile application in our mobile application?

Yes. Assistbox mobile app has SDKs for Android and iOS. You can embed Assistbox in your mobile application with a single line of code.

How do we start using Assistbox?

If you have decided to use Assistbox, you can contact us at or from this page.

What types of reports can I access through the admin panel?

You can track the number of incoming and answered calls, the duration of calls and the waiting times on the customers' side, based on the categories you have created through the Assistbox admin panel. You can follow the same statistics on the basis of the representatives. In addition, you can view the online time of agents.

What is the pricing model?

Assistbox has two types of licensing. The first model is the fixed user-based model, and you only need to purchase as many licenses as there are representatives to have calls with your customers. The second model is the concurrent call based license model. In this model, you can add as many users as you want to the system. However, you will be able to make as many simultaneous calls as the license you purchased.

Can we use free video call applications such as WhatsApp and Zoom instead of Assistbox to provide remote support services?

No. Applications such as WhatsApp and Zoom are developed for virtual meetings and presentations and are not customizable. These applications do not have the competencies for remote support.

Is it possible to customize and/or integrate Assistbox according to our needs?

Yes. We can make changes according to your needs as long as it does not affect the flexible and modular infrastructure of our platform, and you can integrate Assistbox with your internal systems.

Do you have authorization and role infrastructure?

Yes. According to your needs, you can give different authorizations to different roles.

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