The Significant Impact of Remote Claim Adjustment on the Insurance Industry



The Significant Impact of Remote Claim Adjustment on the Insurance Industry

Technology is rapidly advancing across industries, revolutionizing our lives and making processes more efficient. The insurance sector has embraced this fast-paced change and has reaped numerous benefits and advantages through the implementation of the Assistbox remote claim adjustment application.

Fast and Efficient Service

Remote claim adjustment enables insurance companies to deliver fast and effective service in resolving reported damages. By utilizing live video calls via browser or application, insurers can instantly assess the extent of the claim and expedite necessary processes. In fact, data from insurance companies utilizing this service indicate that case closure times can be reduced from av average of 17 days to as little as 6 days, ensuring swift resolution for policyholders.

Remote Access

Assistbox eliminates the need for physical visits during the claim adjustment process. This not only saves valuable time spent on travel but also reduces associated expenses. What traditionally took three days to adjust can now be completed in just five minutes through remote claim adjustment, offering unparalled efficiency.

Reliable and Transparent Process

Real-time adjustment of claims through video provides insurers with the opportunity to prevent potential fraudulent claims, enhancing the reliability and transparency of the process. Studies have shown that adjustments made through live video calls can prevent up to 15% of fradulent claims compared to adjustments based solely on photographs. This proactive approach minimizes fraudulent activity and ensures a trustworthy claims handling system.

Environmentally-Friendly Approach

Remote claim adjustment significantly reduces the need to travel, leading to a notable decrease in carbon emissions. Each claim adjustment conducted remotely through video saves an estimated 10.8 kg of CO2 emissions compared to physical adjustments. This eco-friendly approach not only aligns with sustainability goals but also helps insurance companies cut costs associated with travel.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In today’s servicfe oriented world, customers value speed and technological advancements when interacting with institutions. The advanced technology provided by Assistbox accelerates and simplifies insurance processes, resulting in increased customer satisfaction. This service has been proven to generate an average increase of 30% in customer satisfaction scores, demonstrating its positive impact on policyholders’ experiences.

Since its establishment in 2019, our remote claim adjustment infrastructure has ushered in a new service approach within the insurance industry. We have consistently contributed to faster and more effective execution of claim adjustment processes for companies that have embraced this innovative solution.

If you wish to leverage the benefits offered by this groundbreaking service and simplify your claim adjustment process, we encourage you to contact our expert team for detailed information and request a demo. Our team is ready to assist you in streamlining your operations and enhancing customer satisfaction through remote claim adjustment.

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