With Assistbox, Adjusters Can Do Claim Adjustment in Just 5 Minutes.



With Assistbox, Adjusters Can Do Claim Adjustment in Just 5 Minutes.

About Anadolu Sigorta?

Anadolu Sigorta is one of Turkey’s largest insurance companies. Anadolu Sigorta, working in non-life insurance and reinsurance branches, is serving with its 2500 professional agencies to customers across Turkey. Always striving to ensure and sustain customer satisfaction, and adopting a customer-oriented approach, Anadolu Sigorta integrated AssistBox into its claim adjustment processes in 2018.

What were the problems before Assistbox?

The claim adjustment process took an average of 3 days with the traditional method. Besides, file closing could go up to 17 days. The fraud possibility was inevitable, and data collected on the claim adjustment process was shared on unsafe platforms. This could lead to GDPR violations and disorganized management of the process. Although the cost of the process increased according to the claim amount, the minimum cost was around 430 TL. Experts were able to carry out 3 claim adjustments per day, and they were rejecting 15% of the requests due to distance.

What was the solution that Assistbox brought?

What was the solution that Assistbox brought? Considering its quality, ease of use, and lower cost compared to its competitors, Anadolu Sigorta preferred Assistbox and started to use it in its claim adjustment processes. Assistbox, with its remote claim adjustment module provided claim adjusters the ability to control the mobile device of the insured, take photos of the damage, record videos, control the flashlight of the mobile device and take its location. Customers of all ages, with different technological competencies, connected to the meeting by clicking one link and left the call satisfied with the experience they’ve had.

What has brought Assistbox to Anadolu Sigorta?

Using AssistBox, the average claim adjustment process decreased to 5 minutes while the average file closing time became 6 days. Furthermore, the cost of claim adjustment decreased by 30%. Using AssistBox, claim adjusters, now able to accept the requests they rejected due to distance, increased the number of claim adjustments per day up to 30 files. Abilities such as taking the location and the real-time video call decreased the fraud possibility by 30%. GDPR violations were prevented with the infrastructure of AssistBox in accordance with the regulations. With the surveys, it was observed that customer satisfaction increased by 90% compared to the traditional method.

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