You Are As Close to Your Customers As Their Mobile Devices

With Assistbox, organizations in the financial sector can carry out their customer acquisition and signature processes remotely from end to end. Be as close to your customers as a mobile device, while providing a unique customer experience and minimizing your operational costs.

Offer Remote Service Opportunity

Complete all transactions that require your customers to go to branches with Assistbox.

Let All Mobile Devices Be Your Branch

With the possibilities offered by Assistbox, let all your customers benefit from your services.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automatically perform all processes such as authentication, and document control.

Increase Your Customer Conversion Rates

Complete your customer acquisition processes in 5 minutes and increase your conversion rates.

Leaders of the Finance Sector Trust Assistbox


#BenefitsFromAssistbox With Assistbox, Institutions;

15M +
Opened Accounts per Month
9M +
Customer Appreciation per Month

Complete Customer Acquisition in 3 Steps!

Verify the person with face recognition, matching, fraud check, OCR, and NFC technologies.

Contact your customer representative for manual checks.

Confirm account opening at the end of the process.

Why Is Assistbox Different?

We have been producing solutions for the finance industry since 2018 and we determine our roadmap according to the needs of the institutions we serve. We believe that this is the only way to build a great solution.

Face Recognition

Recognize faces on a photo or document.

Biometric Verification

Verify your customers' faces by matching their photos on the ID.


Read the information on all IDs, driver's licenses, and passports with or without a chip.

Fraud Control

Detect users trying to commit fraudulent transactions.

Management from a Single Panel

Manage all your processes from a single app via the management panel.

Remote Mobile Device Control

Remotely manage customer device's features such as flashlight, and camera.

Component Based Usage

With Assistbox components organize your process in any flow as a lego set.

Server-Side Video Recording

All calls you make are recorded even if the connection is lost.

Our Business Partners

Assistbox empowers its business partners with the solutions it offers. With this opportunity, business partners offer high value-added solutions to their customers and differentiate themselves from the competition.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Which data is stored by Assistbox? Where is the data stored?

If Assistbox is used as a cloud service, all data such as photos, videos, etc. that are created during the call are transferred to the cloud. If the call is not made anonymously, the name, surname and, if available, phone and e-mail address of the customer are stored in the cloud. Assistbox servers are located in Turkcell Gebze Datacenter in Turkey.

Yes. Assistbox offers on-premise usage option as well as cloud service. If you need, you can install Assistbox on your own servers.

Yes. Assistbox mobile app has SDKs for Android and iOS. You can embed Assistbox in your mobile application with a single line of code.

You can track the number of incoming and answered calls, the duration of calls and the waiting times on the customers' side, based on the categories you have created through the Assistbox admin panel. You can follow the same statistics on the basis of the representatives. In addition, you can view the online time of agents.

Assistbox has two types of licensing. The first model is the fixed user-based model, and you only need to purchase as many licenses as there are representatives to have calls with your customers. The second model is the concurrent call based license model. In this model, you can add as many users as you want to the system. However, you will be able to make as many simultaneous calls as the license you purchased.

Yes. We can make changes according to your needs as long as it does not affect the flexible and modular infrastructure of our platform, and you can integrate Assistbox with your internal systems.

Safe with us

We pride ourselves on our commitment to your security.

That’s why we’re ISO 27001 certified. Our architecture is enterprise-grade scalable and we ensure strong adherence to all key DPA and GDPR requirements.