Your Technicians Do Not Have to Go on The Field Anymore.



Your Technicians Do Not Have to Go on The Field Anymore.

About Pronet?

Pronet, enabling the protection of people, organizations, institutions, equities, and information with its security solutions, is the leading electronic security company with 200 thousand subscribers and over 1 million users. Pronet, appealing to a prestigious customer portfolio, such as banks, ATMs, and Turkey’s leading retail stores with its quarter-century of experience, has the capacity to transfer its innovative security solutions all over Turkey.

Pronet, supporting its subscribers with a “Fully Protected Security System”, installing 50 of every 100 alarm systems sold in Turkey today, saves lives by intervening in cases such as theft, fire, gas leak, flood as well as emergency health and panic situations.

Pronet, chosen by both individual and corporate customers with its user-friendly alarm and display systems, acts with the principle of protecting its customers and making them feel safe. Always prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing solutions to their problems, Pronet integrated Assistbox into its customer support processes in 2020.

Service visits made by the traditional method were taking very long, especially due to the time spent on the road. In fact, a visit was not even needed to solve some of the problems reported by customers. Even so, on-site support was needed to understand the problem, and this caused inefficiency. In addition, because the documents were shared from different platforms such as e-mail during the support process, the process was disorganized and slowed down.

What were the problems before Assistbox?

What was the solution that Assistbox brought?

Considering its quality, ease of use, and lower cost compared to its competitors, Pronet preferred Assistbox and started to use it in its customer support processes. This eliminated the need for technicians to go to the field to see and resolve customers’ problems. Documents shared during the process were automatically added to the relevant call log. Customer satisfaction was easily followed with the evaluation questionnaire shown at the end of each interview.

What has brought Assistbox to Pronet?

With Assistbox, call times were reduced by 30% compared to the traditional call support processes. In addition, the cases that needed on-site support decreased by 20%. While solution times were shortened, the solution in the first call rate increased by 15%. All of these have provided Pronet with a 30% increase in productivity, it also raised customer satisfaction by 60%.

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Safe with us

We pride ourselves on our commitment to your security.

That’s why we’re ISO 27001 certified. Our architecture is enterprise-grade scalable and we ensure strong adherence to all key DPA and GDPR requirements.