How Did We Save Time On The Claim Adjustment from 3 Hours to 5 Minutes with Tarsim?



How Did We Save Time On The Claim Adjustment from 3 Hours to 5 Minutes with Tarsim?

About Tarsim

Tarsim is state-supported agricultural insurance. Its goal is the sustainability and development of agriculture and animal husbandry. Its mission is to conduct the necessary applications quickly and accurately, protecting the farmers against natural disasters and other risks. Because of their desire to find solutions fast and customer-oriented, they decided to use Assistbox for their processes.

The Challenge

Before Assistbox, the biggest challenge was traveling to businesses that were in hard-to-reach locations. Because of the necessity to travel, claim detection was taking up to 3 days, and from time to time, it was made in non-ideal conditions. The most considerable risk of the traditional damage detection method was zoonotic diseases.

The Solution

Tarsim preferred to work with Assistbox for its claim adjustment processes considering the quality of its infrastructure and ease of use. Assistbox gave Tarsim the ability to handle the claim process without going on the field. With Assistbox, the claim adjuster sends a link to the insured, and when the insured clicks that link, the video call starts. During the call, claim adjusters can control the mobile device of the insured, take photos of the damage, record videos, manage the flashlight of the mobile device and take its location. Using all these features, the claim adjuster examines the damage as if they were physically together with the insured. After the claim adjustment process, the adjuster can automatically create a report using Assistbox. Customers of all ages, with different technological competencies, connect to the meeting by clicking one link and leave the call satisfied with their experience.

The Results

Assistbox brought a new perspective on the claim adjustment process. Using Assistbox, the average claim adjustment process decreased from 2-3 hours to 5 minutes. In 2022, Tarsim had 1.600 video-based claim adjustments using Assistbox. With the application, they had the opportunity to do damage estimation fast and safely. They were able to contact businesses in hard-to-reach locations easily. When the climate conditions made it impossible to reach to damage location, Assistbox made it possible to handle the process remotely. Also, Assistbox decreased the risk of disease transmission, especially COVID-19 during the pandemic, and zoonotic diseases. Lastly, Assistbox made it possible for compensation payments to be made quickly.

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