Boyser Outreached Low Costs, Low Effort and %95 Customer Satisfaction with Remote Video Support.



Boyser Outreached Low Costs, Low Effort and %95 Customer Satisfaction with Remote Video Support.

About Boyser

Boyser is an after-sales service company for products sold by Erciyes Anadolu Holding group companies, such as İstikbal, Bellona, and Mondi Home. It is the first company in the furniture service industry to receive ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate. It has adopted the principle of providing its customers with the highest quality and fastest after-sales service. Its focus of 100% consumer satisfaction is one of the reasons they decided to use Assistbox for their processes.

The Challenge

Boyser after-sales teams needed to visit every customer who required support about their products. But, for some of the cases, the visit was not even required to understand or solve the problem. This was causing a waste of time. On the other hand, the cost of visits was high because of the travel expenses. On the customer’s side, the solution process was taking a long time, and this was causing customer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Boyser planned to build a remote customer support system to avoid these problems. After partnering with Assistbox, the cost of after-sales support processes decreased. How?

When the customer has a problem with their product, they create an appointment, and then they receive an SMS containing the call link. When the appointment time comes, they click on the link and join the call with the after-sales experts of Boyser. During the call, the expert can control the mobile device of the customer, take photos, manage the flashlight, and take the location of the customer in case any onsite support is needed. Since Boyser uses SAP for its processes, integration of Assistbox with SAP was required. This integration was made quickly, and an end-to-end process was created.

Assistbox eliminated the need for customer visits and provided a quick and more flexible solution opportunity. It lets the after-sales employees collect customer data instantly and gives the opportunity of feedback for the instant production of spare parts.

The Result

  • The need for customer visits decreased by 33%.
  • In 22% of cases, problems could be solved from the office.
  • Costs are decreased by 51%.
  • Customer satisfaction was increased by 95%.

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