Should finance companies use video call technologies for their processes?



Should finance companies use video call technologies for their processes?

Finance companies started to use video calling technologies for their processes recently. The most popular use cases in the finance industry are video consultation and customer onboarding.

Customer behaviors have changed. Especially the pandemic forced everyone all around the world to be more online. Customers are used to new ways of getting service. They want everything to be available online. They shop online, work online, and receive health services online. Why shouldn’t they get financial services online?

It is no secret that people prefer online banking opportunities instead of bank branches. But personal contact is still an essential part of financial services. Therefore, Assistbox offers its video call infrastructure for the finance industry.

For the video consultation process, customers schedule an appointment with the advisors, or they can click on a button on the website for instant connection. Thus, customers have a personalized session with a financial advisor without needing to leave their homes.

For the customer onboarding process, after completing the biometric verification part, customers are connected to customer representatives to open their accounts quickly without the need to go to the bank branch.

Here are some benefits of implementing video calls into your processes for the finance industry:

  • You can provide service without any location restrictions. Everyone all around the world can get service from you.
  • Customers will have a continuous experience. They will get the support they need quickly and easily.
  • Customers do not need to leave their homes to get financial services, but they will still have the personal touch they need.
  • Customer satisfaction will increase, and your customers will trust your brand even more.
  • Your employees will work much more efficiently, since they will not have the necessity to travel, and they will have shorter calls than physical meetings.
  • Your revenue will increase with all the new customers you get thanks to your smooth workflow and increased customer satisfaction.

Assistbox is used by leading finance companies for video call services.

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