Assistbox – SAP Integration



Assistbox – SAP Integration

The SAP integration of Assistbox resulted from a necessity of one of its customers, Boyser.

The collaboration of Assistbox and Boyser started in 2021. Boyser is an after-sales service company for products sold by Erciyes Anadolu Holding group companies, such as İstikbal, Bellona, and Mondi Home. It is using Assistbox for its customer visit processes. Here you can read the success story of Boyser.

Before Integration

When Boyser started using Assistbox, Assistbox did not have SAP integration, because none of its users needed that before. But Boyser is using SAP for ticket management. Because Assistbox did not have SAP integration, Boyser had to run their ticket management manually on SAP. This process was causing loss of data and incorrect data entry in some cases. In addition, it was a waste of time on the Boyser after-sales experts’ end.

Considering the difficulties they are having, Boyser decided to contact Assistbox to see if the SAP integration was possible. Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure. Thus, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. This integration was made quickly to help with the issues.

After Integration

With the integration, an end-to-end process was created and the problems Boyser was having ended. Now, Boyser after-sales experts do not need to manually create records on Assistbox. They transfer all the necessary customer data from their internal systems and the record is created automatically. Also, an SMS containing the call link is now sent to the customer automatically. In addition, at the end of the call, all the data on Assistbox about the customer and the problem they have is automatically transferred to Boyser’s systems. With the new process, the data loss and incorrect data entry were prevented and the time the experts spend to transfer the data was avoided.

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