Why is co-browsing important when giving remote support?



Why is co-browsing important when giving remote support?

Co-browsing is short for collaborative browsing. It means agents and customers to browse and control the same page or app live. Co-browsing is used to give customers more personalized support and guidance.

Co-browsing is an essential part of remote support if you are dealing with mobile or desktop devices. Giving remote support provides your customers with an easier solution process. You might have a tool that your retailers use. They might have some problems with the tool from time to time. Using co-browsing, you can easily help them. Or your customers might have a problem with the usage of your mobile application. In this case, the addition of co-browsing enhances the customer experience.

Most remote support applications have screen-sharing features. Sharing screen is a great opportunity to help understand the problem. But, via sharing screen, your employees can only direct customers to help them solve the problem. It is known that not every customer has the same technological capacity. Using co-browsing, you can not only direct them but also control their device.

You may wonder if it will help your team solve issues quickly and effectively. The answer is, yes, it will. Since it gives your employees the opportunity to provide live and personalized guidance, the work will be more effective. They will also have a better understanding of the digital journey of their customers.

Another question companies have is if co-browsing is safe since your employees may see personal details about customers. If necessary, you can hide any detail, text, or image from your customer representatives and give your customers a safer experience.

Co-browsing is only one of the features Assistbox has to give you and your customers a better remote support experience.

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