What if a better chatbot experience was possible?



What if a better chatbot experience was possible?

We all want to reach information quickly nowadays. Our habits have changed especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies, trying to keep up with the trends, use technology to create customer-friendly processes. Chatbots are seen as one of the most efficient tools to support customers as quickly as possible. Most companies implement chatbots on their websites thinking that they will provide a great service and increase customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, chatbots cannot fully replace human contact.

According to a survey conducted by Verint, customers see their relationship with chatbots as “complicated”. 32% of customers say the chatbots rarely or never understand them. 30% of customers say chatbots rarely or never fully answer their questions. Since they are not able to resolve their problems via chatbots, 55% tend to speak to a human after contacting a chatbot.

Customers, who feel like chatbots don’t get all the information they need, decide to contact a human. This process is not only time-consuming but also decreases customer satisfaction. Don’t worry, Assistbox is here to help.

Assistbox is focused on such issues and helps you support your customers’ needs instantly, via video call. Using this infrastructure, companies provide visual engagement at every customer touchpoint.

How can Assistbox help you?

It is possible to integrate Assistbox into your existing chatbot. After understanding what your customer needs via chatbot, let your customers have a quick video call with the relevant representatives. Using this infrastructure, in addition to removing the above-mentioned issues, you will also provide a trendy service to your customers.

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