Video Call Infrastructure

In today’s dynamic business world, many changes are happening due to digital transformation and remote work. Video services have emerged as essential tools for businesses to communicate more efficiently with their employees, customers, and business partners. Comprehensive online communication infrastructure like Assistbox can assist companies in developing more effective, efficient, and user-friendly communication solutions while also speeding up employees’ adaptation to video services.

Here are five steps to facilitate this transformation process:

1- Education and Awareness Building:

Providing training to employees about the significance and benefits of video services is a critical step in accelerating the adaptation process. Conducting in-house training sessions and creating informative materials can raise awareness among employees about the usage and advantages of video services. Emphasizing how this processes enhance  collaboration and productivity is also essential.

2- User-Friendly Interface: 

A user-friendly interface for the video service infrastructure enables employees to adapt to the solution easier. With ready-to-use SDKs and screens like Assistbox, companies can eliminate complex integration processes and offer employees a simple and seamless interface to interact with.

3- Start with a Pilot:

It is essential, to begin with a small-scale pilot program before implementing video services organization-wide. Selecting a few departments or teams to try out the video services, actively seeking their feedback, and identifying areas for improvement. This approach allows companies to refine the process before implementing it company-wide.

4- Rewards and Recognition:

Incentivizing and recognizing employees for adapting to new technology can be an effective method. You can reward employees actively using video services within the organization, share success stories, and appreciate those who actively contribute to this new communication method.

5- Feedback and Improvement:

Obtaining feedback from employees and continuously improving the solution is crucial during the adaptation to video services. The customizable features of Assistbox facilitate making necessary adjustments based on employee needs and feedback, ensuring a superior user experience.

In conclusion, a comprehensive online communication infrastructure like Assistbox can expedite employees’ adaptation to video services. By effectively managing education, a user-friendly interface, pilot programs, rewards, and feedback processes, you can smoothly transition your employees’ to this new communication method, fostering maximum efficiency and collaboration throught your business.

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With the Assistbox application, retail companies can give their customers first-class, personalized service. They add a button to their website to connect customers to the customer representatives, or to the style advisors, etc. Thus, customers can see the product live and get any information they need.

Before the Integration

Assistbox is used by leaders in the retail industry. Customers are very satisfied with the service. The use of Assistbox did not only increase customer satisfaction but also increased online sales. But the problem was that the sales made on Assistbox could not be tracked. Companies could not follow if the customer had used video chat before buying a product. This was causing a problem because companies did not know if the video chat application was doing the job.

Assistbox had a request from one of its customers for Google Analytics integration. Since Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. The required integration was made quickly to help the process.

After the Integration

With the integration, events such as call started, the call ended, and messages sent on chat can now be tracked on Google Analytics. Companies can now see if the customer who used the video chat application has bought any product. They can also see if the customer who purchased a product had a video call with any of their representatives and they use this information to give bonuses to their employees.

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Although communicating online seems like everybody’s favorite way to reach out nowadays, no written communication method can replace face-to-face communication. Researches show that for most people, chatbots are not the best way to solve their problems. Moreover, written communication with human customer representatives is not always enough. But face-to-face communication can be achieved online.

Why Face-to-Face Communication?

Before Integration

One of our customers already giving chat support to their customers decided to give them a quicker and easier way of asking questions and getting help. So they decided to give video support possibility. They were already using Zendesk for written support and they asked if Assistbox could be integrated to Zendesk.

Assistbox has a flexible infrastructure. Thus, it can be integrated into any system or internal process. This integration was made quickly.

After Integration

With the integration, an end-to-end process is created for the customer visiting the website. When the customer needs help, they click on the support button. They can either get support on chat or ask for video support. When the customer wants video support, a video call starts between the customer and the representative. With the new process, misunderstandings are eliminated, more effective support is provided, and customer trust and customer satisfaction are increased.

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Video calling services have shown success for customer support processes in different industries, such as insurance, finance, healthcare, retail, etc. Starting to use this new service, companies face a new problem: how to make their team excited about adopting this new process. Here is our 3-step solution to do so:

  1. Explain the benefits: You decided to give video support because you understand that it is the new trend, and your customers are expecting such a service. Unfortunately, your team might not be aware of this situation. Have a meeting with them to explain the benefits of video calling services. Let them know that it is easier for them to give video support instead of voice support since in many cases it is quicker to just show the solution than try to explain it. It is also much more reliable for the customer. Giving this service, they will have the opportunity to help more customers, since the solution times will shorten, and first-time resolution rates will increase. Also, there will be a rise in sales with the up-selling and cross-selling possibilities.
  2. Create goals and KPIs: Now your team knows about the value of video calling for your organization, it is time to set clear goals and KPIs. You can have goals about the time that will be saved, sales conversion rates, or customer satisfaction. It is important to communicate these goals clearly with your team.
  3. Share success stories with the whole team: Some team members may understand the benefits and the value of video calling services better than others. These members will be getting better outcomes. To set an example for all your employees, create time to hear from those successful employees. Let them share their experience. This will motivate the other members of your team. In addition to employee stories, it is also crucial for your team to hear from your customers. Share positive customer reviews with your team regularly. Also, talk about how you can improve the customer experience together.

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